Senior Leadership Team:

S Gillan: Head

S Lucas: Deputy Head

J Moore: School Business Manager

T Burke: SENDCo


Staff List:

Chestnut – Foundation Stage: H Kelloway

Rowan – Year 1: R Foster-Burnell and S Lucas

Cherry – Year 2: N Baldwin

Hazel – Year 3: E Crook

Willow – Year 4: J Yellowley and S Lucas

Pine – Year 5: C Collings and N Chedzoy

Oak – Year 6: S Warrington


Office Team:

K Carter

J Moore


Learning Support Team:

H Hellyer

M Parkman

G Ayres

N Bowerman

G Smalley

J Thompson

S Blackmore

J Webb

D Vidak

F Liell

C Dungworth

J Scadden

S Lock

A Gunstone (sports coach)

A Quartly

H Cullen


Breakfast and After-School Team:

Breakfast Club: S Lock, C Cann, M Bendall

After-School Club: S Lock, C Cann, M Bendall, A Gunstone


Safeguarding Team:

Everyone’s responsibility!

Designated Safeguarding Lead: S Gillan

Deputy DSL: H Kelloway

Trained Safeguarding Team: S Lucas and J Moore

Safeguarding Governor: C Salter