Chestnut Class

Teacher: H Kelloway
Teaching Assistants: G Ayres, A Quartly

Welcome to Chestnut Class – Foundation Stage.  


We are the youngest children at Thurlbear Primary School. Our class teacher is Miss Kelloway. We are lucky to have Mrs Ayres and Miss Quartly as our full time classroom assistants. 

This term we will be focusing our learning around the theme of ‘Magnificent Me!’ as the children settle into school. The children will be getting to know each other, learning each other’s names and learning that they are part of Chestnut class.  They will be finding out about the classroom rules and routines, which help us to work together safely and fairly together. We will be talking about what makes us all special and celebrating and appreciating differences.  We will be developing our social skills, learning how to share, take turns and get along with others. We will be making new friends and building relationships with the children and adults in our class.

In Chestnut class, the children will learn through play-based experiences where they can explore and ‘learn through doing’. They will learn through hands on experiences and follow their own interests. They will also take part in adult led activities based on their next steps in learning.


How can you help? Read at least 4x a week with your child. Practise the sounds and ‘Tricky words’ we have been learning at school. Look for everyday letters and numbers all around us. Encourage practical maths activities, counting, looking at money, weighing and measuring. Play with your child, encouraging them to take turns.


In line with school policy, we operate an open-door policy, (or an open Tapestry policy in current Covid times).  Please do contact me if you have any questions or concerns or successes to share with regard to your child’s learning.