Online Safety

Online Safety is really important in our school. Not only for our students, but for all our staff, too, both teaching and non-teaching.
Be smart on the internet

We teach eSafety throughout the school using a variety of resources and you can access many of them from home. some great resources for Parents/Carers are DIGIZEN and also KIDSMART . These contain information and guidance on a variety of topics including email, chat, gaming, social networking and mobiles. We also discuss cyberbullying and how to report if pupils see or hear something online that causes upset or distress.

It's a great idea to have a Family Agreement in place too. If you haven't seen this before, a great example can be found here: This is more suitable for older children, but is a great way to start thinking about eSafety within your family.

Here you can see the SMART Rules that we all follow carefully:

Smart safety rules
Safety Rules
Safety Rules