Cherry Class

Teacher: N Baldwin
Teaching Assistants: J Thompson, M Parkman, M Bendall,

Welcome to Cherry Class – Year 2

Welcome to Cherry Class – your child’s final year in KS1. This is a year for consolidating their maths, reading, writing and personal skills through a wide range of fun, challenging and interesting learning experiences. The first of which is “I’ll Blow your house down”.  A science and DT based experience where we help the little pigs build a house that is wolf and rainproof, applying our knowledge of the properties of everyday materials.

You will see your child being encouraged to work more independently and organise themselves and their things with less adult support.  They will be becoming increasingly independent and fluent readers and writers.

To support the above we have daily phonics sessions to consolidate their phonic knowledge from Year 1 and introduce spelling patterns and strategies to support spelling.  There are also daily maths and literacy lessons.  We have 2 PE sessions a week on Mondays and Wednesdays to support their physical development.  Weekly group reading sessions teach reading and comprehension skills. Where possible our learning experiences will flow through these areas of learning.  In the remaining afternoon sessions our Learning experiences cover the other areas of the National Curriculum

All the above will hopefully mean they will be fully prepared for the end of KS1 SATs in May.  The idea of standardised test may seem daunting but rest assured they are completed in small, friendly, stress-free Reading and Maths groups and their efforts are rewarded with biscuits and a new pencil!

How can you help?  Read at least 4x a week with your child – discuss the book, new vocabulary.  Practise number bonds to 10 and in due course support them in leaning their 2, 5 and 10 times tables.  Support them in completing spelling and maths homework. In addition involve them in practical maths activities, money, weighing and measuring etc.

In line with school policy we operate an open-door policy, (or an open Class-Dojo policy in current Covid times).  Please do contact me if you have any questions or concerns or successes to share with regard to your child’s learning.

Cherry Class documents below: