Willow Class

Teacher: R Foster-Burnell
Teaching Assistant: V Honeyman, O Selwood

Welcome to Year 4 – Willow Class

After having a year of transitioning into Key Stage 2, Year 4 is where the children begin to develop their role as independent, responsible learners within school. We actively encourage perseverance, resilience and self-motivation so pupils challenge themselves and are not afraid to give opportunities a go or make mistakes.

In Reading and Writing, the children will be consolidating and applying their LKS2 skills using a range of non-fiction and fiction texts as a stimulus. They will continue to build on their prior knowledge of maths in every area by understanding the fluency and applying to reasoning and problem-solving questions and activities. Most importantly, to be ready for UKS2, the children must know their times tables up to 12x fluently in order to pass the multiplication test at the end of the year. This will provide them with a solid mathematical base to access the UKS2 curriculum.

As well as our core subjects, we take pride in the broad and balanced curriculum we provide for the children. We study a variety of exciting topics for example: Electricity, Sound and Living things in Science; Continents and Rainforests in Geography and Anglo-Saxons, Vikings and the Mayans in History. Children will continue to develop their knowledge of artists and musicians as they learn skills in these subjects through the year. We ensure there are inspiring hooks to engage the children and outcomes to strive towards. In Year 4 children also experience a 2-night residential – which involves learning an exhilarating mix of adventure activities designed to inspire, motivate and bring out the best in the children. This is an experience they talk about for many years.

How can you help?

Although the children may be moving on to larger reading books, it is still vital they read aloud to an adult at least 4 times a week at home. Also, please encourage times table revision whether verbally over dinner or using an online resource we have provided – EdShed (MathsShed) is ideal as this prepares them well for the times table test at the end of Year 4.

In line with school policy we operate an open-door policy (or an open Class-Dojo policy as appropriate in school times).  Please do contact me if you have any questions, concerns or successes to share regarding your child’s learning.

We do hope your child/ren have an amazing year in Year 4.

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