School Menu

BAM FM are delighted to provide school lunch meals to the community of Thurlbear Primary School. Our school lunch service offers a selection of two course meal options each day for parents to pre-order, featuring a balance of traditional and modern dishes which appeal to our pupil customers, such as roast dinners, mild chicken curry & rice, beef lasagne and fish & chips on a Friday.

We are pleased to be able to provide a freshly cooked school meal each day using fresh, locally supplied ingredients wherever possible.

We offer a school lunch meal menu on a 3 week rotation. Daily options include a:

  • Main meat, fish or alternative meal with accompaniments
  • Vegetarian meal with accompaniments
  • Filled Jacket Potato with Side Salad
  • Hot or cold dessert of the day
  • Fresh fruit bowl
  • Available daily: fresh fruit, wholemeal bread & fresh drinking water.

A copy of the school lunch menu is available from the School Office.