Oak Class

Teacher: S Warrington
Teaching Assistant: J Scadden

Welcome to Oak Class – your final year at Thurlbear! Although this year is different to most, we want you to have as many opportunities as possible to learn and to build memories. When it is safe to do so, you will become young leaders of the school, taking on roles and responsibilities such as digital leaders, and you will support the younger members of Thurlbear as they look up to you. We encourage our pupils to develop a strong sense of responsibility for not only themselves, but their peers and the wider world.

With the future unknown, it is not possible to say whether visits and trips will happen as before, but our goal in Year 6 is to keep our learning and curriculum engaging and fun. We want all children to share an excitement and passion for learning, and we will endeavour to deliver rich learning experiences, keeping the curriculum as broad and balanced as possible. One opportunity we offer in Year 6 is Bikeability. This training will enable you to cycle on the roads safely and is delivered by qualified instructors.

We are building a learning culture in Year 6, where good work is shared and celebrated and our children are motivated to achieve. The children support each other, where they feel comfortable to discuss ‘marvellous mistakes’. The children share their ideas and work closely with their learning partner, guiding each other and challenging their thinking. In Year 6, we believe in the power of yet. When faced with a tricky problem we don’t stop at, ‘I can’t do it.’ We believe, ‘I can’t do it…yet!’ In Oak Class we want to instil confidence in our children and feel that developing a growth mindset will benefit them as they continue their next educational steps and the challenges of the wider world.

During May, the children will take their end of KS2 SATs. They will be fully prepared for these. You can help your child at home with supporting homework and ensuring that your child reads regularly. Further details about the SATs will be given to parents, where we will explain how they can support their child throughout this year.

Over your time at Thurlbear, you will have learnt to work more independently and organise yourselves successfully. These skills will support you in the future as you prepare to move on to secondary school. Later in the year, you will have the chance to visit your next school and we will support you on your journey.

At Thurlbear, we have always encouraged an open-door policy. It is not as easy with current COVID restrictions, but we still wish for you to be able to communicate with us to discuss and celebrate your child’s achievements. Please do message us with any questions or concerns you have or share any achievements or successes in their portfolio.