School Uniform

Thurlbear school now have an online uniform service.

Purchase uniform all year round from the Jual website.


It is our intention, in line with recent Government guidance, to make our uniform as accessible and inclusive as possible.

Branded Uniform is available from Jual and can be purchased both online ( or through their store in North Newton.

Generic items which are widely available (including from low-cost outlets) give families choice and allows them to control the cost of school uniforms. As such, we endeavour to keep branded items to a minimum and limit their use to low cost or long-lasting items.

Second Hand Uniform is available to purchase and we encourage families to contact the School Office, directly, to see what is available. To avoid families having to purchase multiple expensive items such as coats, bags, and trainers, which they may already have purchased for use on non-school days, we avoid being overly specific about such items in our uniform policy.

Uniform Policy 2022