4 Laptops 4 home!

The govt has sent us 4 laptops as part of the COVID catch-up package for all primary schools. Our tech support has checked their specification and concluded that they are not fit for purpose as a learning tool in school, as they do not have the required capacity to hold Office apps such as word etc. and cannot hold a great deal in the internal memory.

They would, however, be satisfactory machines for pupils to use at home for online learning such as our Google Classroom, TT Rockstars and online spellings, as well the online version of word through Office 365 etc.

Therefore, we have 4 laptops that families can have at home to assist in online learning and living!

Do you have more than one child and they have to share a laptop? Do you have secondary children and they struggle with online time due to sharing the tech? Get in touch and we can get a laptop to you. As there are only 4, time is limited, so please do email the Office asap if it would help you and your family.

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