The whole school had a wonderful visit from the Richard Huish Woodwind Ensemble, this week.
Including Melissa, a former pupil, they wowed us with lots of songs including from Harry Potter and Barbie! We had a great time and all the pupils loved listening to these skilled, young musicians. If your KS1 child felt suitably inspired, then Mrs Tudor also runs the TOOT work that I have previously communicated:

“From September, a new weekly music class is starting at Taunton Brewhouse for KS1 children.
As well as developing the basics of following a beat, rhythm, and pitch, children will also
learn to play a ‘Toot’ and develop a life-long love of music. Lessons follow the Windstars
programme which evolves as they grow and their understanding increases.
Supported by the Taunton Music Trust, lessons are less than £1 a week and with free use of
a Nuvo ‘Toot’. Led by local music teacher Carolyn Tudor these lessons will be fun, inspiring
and rewarding.
Have you been wanting your child to learn a
musical instrument and enjoy all that music can
offer but felt your child is too young?
If you want to try it out before September there are
taster sessions on 14th August

Book via www.tauntonbrewhouse.co.uk

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