A benefice message

A message from Rev Joanna:

Upon the very sad news of the death of Her Majesty the Queen yesterday evening we have been making plans to give people the opportunity to come and give thanks for her wonderful life of service and to comfort one another.

We will be holding a service of Prayer and Reflection this evening, Friday 9th September at 6pm in Stoke St Mary’s Church and tomorrow evening Saturday 10th September at 6pm at Curry Mallet’s Church. All are welcome to attend.

On Sunday 11th September at 6pm we will also hold a zoom service of prayer and reflection for those unable to make Friday or Saturday evening services. A table with a parchment paper (which will be collated to make a Benefice book of condolences) will begin from Sunday 11th September in each church. All churches are open (apart from Orchard Portman) for private prayer, please do feel free to visit them.


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