A year 1 post…..

One of our 6yr olds has just come to me with her book. This is the start of her story. I have copied it as she has written it. All punctuation and word choices are hers…..Enjoy.

Once upon a time there lived a prince and the prince loved going fishing. One day when the prince was out fishing in the beautiful, swooshey ocean he met the daughter of the king of the ocean. The prince and the princess fell in love and the princess left the ocean and came to live on land. For many years they lived happily the longer she spent in the bright, hot light the more she became ill and weaker and weaker. The princess said “I can’t live in the light I am now too weak to go back there.”

“Then we shall bring the shadows to you my love.” The prince decided to tell the three servants to seek out the king of the ocean.

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