BAM lunches price increase

Here is a message from our lunch supplier BAM:

Due to the unprecedented high inflation costs we have seen over the past 12 months, we have been reviewing our current position. Current consumer prices have risen over 10% in the last 12 months. We have tried to absorb the costs as much as possible but we are now not in a viable position across the catering department. As well as the rising costs, national wages and transport costs have risen which is having a great impact. We have exhausted every option managing the costs and production on a tight scale. We really do not want to be writing this email but after reviewing the inflation and our pricing we need to increase the meal price to £2.55. In the past 9 years we have only increased our meal price by 5% which we hope you can see that this is our last resort. We are keeping a watchful eye on the government’s plans to support school catering (no news yet). We are proposing the meal price to increase from the beginning of June 2023 but hope you can understand our circumstances in these difficult times.

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