COVID message for Chestnut

A Message for our Reception Class families:

Yesterday, it came to our attention that there has been a positive adult case in a Chestnut family. Currently, we are awaiting the results for the child of that family. This presents a dilemma for me, as leader of the school: the first option is to ask you all to self-isolate whilst we wait, but that could come back negative and then your children have missed a day’s education – they have already missed so much! This is fully in line with statutory guidance and Public Health England who I spoke with at great length, yesterday.

The second option is the one I have taken. I will await the result to be passed onto me and, if necessary, we will have to close the bubble during the school day. I fully understand that this could pose logistical problems for you as families, but we will obviously keep your children safe and happy until you arrive, SHOULD this be necessary. These near-impossible decisions can never leave everyone happy, but I hope you can appreciate the difficulty of our situation. We feel that following the statutory guidance in this case is best for our group as a whole. If this decision concerns you, please ring me to discuss 01823442277.

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