December DDF!

Our next Dress Down Friday 3rd December, tomorrow!

To support our brilliant PTA Christmas raffle, families are asked to bring in a contribution of the following colour: Chestnut – Red

Rowan – Green

Cherry – Blue

Hazel – Yellow

Willow – Orange

Pine – Black

Oak – Gold…

So, instead of the usual £1 contribution, a Chestnut pupil would bring in, for example, a box of red maltesers!

If anyone is willing to give a standalone prize these would also be gratefully received and should drop it to the School Office or message the PTA.

Tomorrow, we will go straight into classrooms instead of lining up (as we do on wet mornings!) so your child does not have to carry their contribution around with them. If anyone brings it in a bag, please do tell us if you want the bag back!

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