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A quick precis of the first morning from our point of view!It looked like a fine start to the new school year at drop-off time, considering it is the first day back. It was so lovely to see adults and pupils together albeit still being safe and sensible under current conditions. There are always going to be things to improve and tweak:

– If your child is feeling anxious about coming back to school, then simply park up in front of the school playground where you can have a little time together. You don’t need to join the car-park queue with them as this probably puts pressure on you all to get them out and gone!

– Timings in the morning allow you to be a little more flexible. You do not all need to be at school for gates-open 8:40. The bell and register is 9am, so you have a bigger window of time. This should alleviate a bottleneck at 8:40, although I do appreciate you may have jobs to go to!

– For those dropping off their children at the playground side, there was probably lots more room right outside school! You don’t need to park right down the lane and walk in! Again, if families are swift, then spaces become available quickly.
This afternoon, classes will be prompt and your cooperation is crucial.

INFO for 3:15 Foundation Stage and KS1 pick-up:

– ONLY Year 2 will be from the car park in a pick-up system. If they have younger siblings, then they will be with them. If they have OLDER siblings, then they will be leaving at 3:30 with your older child(ren).

– Foundation Stage and Year 1 will be brought to you on the playground. Please wait in the allotted zone on the playground so it is easier for the teacher/TA to spot you! Do not come into the classrooms or wait outside the rooms.

– Please collect your child and leave ASAP, allowing space for the arrival of Key Stage 2 families!

INFO for 3:30 Key Stage 2 pick-up

– ONLY Year 6 will be from the car park along with younger siblings- Years 3 – 5 will have family zones on the playground and teachers will bring your child to you. Do not wait outside classrooms or enter classrooms.

– Again, please balance where you park up. There is space at the front of school, which should mean you don’t need to park right down the lane past the church!

– Year 6 families: please do not queue too early, as staff need access to the car park. Aim for 3:25 for a 3:30 prompt pick up!

PLEASE do try your very best to leave school going down the hill and through the village. It helps enormously with the flow of traffic, as some of you will have seen this morning. Thanks for all your cooperation!


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