End-of-week Review 2.2.24

The Somerset Holidays for 2024 / 2025 are published and we have added our INSET days, also. I have decided to put 2 together at the start of the October half term, as it is a very long term for pupils (8 weeks) and this could give families an opportunity to plan time away together in a longer block. This is also the case in June, where the weekend has been extended by Friday / Monday INSETs. These training days tend to give us the opportunity to cover vital safeguarding, fire, SEND and health and safety training, as well as further CPD opportunities for school staff:

New February – March After School Clubs will be coming out very soon and there are new clubs to sign up for. Please ensure you have paid for this half term before signing up further clubs.

Next Half Term: Teachers will be offering some club opportunities, which will be non-sport based, including art, book club, typing skills and computing. I am delighted to say that we have parents offering, again, to host activities, including football and choir.

Summer Term: Miss Davenport has approached a gymnastics teacher to enquire on potential availability to run a club in school – from Easter onwards – Teachers are also planning Summer Term clubs to include Outdoor Education Clubs.

I have seen lots of excellent books, this week, with quality writing across our curriculum. Ted brought his Science book and we looked at his scientific language that had been a focus in the session: “When you add salt to the ice, it speeds up the freezing process. If we shook the bag for longer, more energy was given to dissolve the salt.”

At the other end of the school, Quinn has been telling me about her aspirations to be both a fire-fighter and a doctor, as it has been a focus in Chestnut Class, recently. On Tuesday, our PCSO came in to explain his job and it inspired many of them to think of their jobs in the future, including Erin (teacher), Hazel (astronaut), Henry (navy), Amy (artist), Tommy (sonic climber) and Pippa (gardener).

Tuesday: Year 4 Net / Wall Festival @ Blackbrook
Full Governing Body Meeting
Open The Book with our Church Team.

Friday: Celebration Worship for Year 2. Families most welcome.

Looking ahead in the diary, we have pencilled in FRIDAY 21st JUNE for our Sports Day, which comprises of the whole school doing circular sports for the morning and then families are welcomed in the afternoon for more formal sporting events in our 4 Saints’ teams.

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