Half Term Round-Up 9th February

We have reached half time in the school year! It is the perfect opportunity to reflect on our pupils’ journey so far, and the learning challenges still to come in 2024.
This week, I have had the privilege of taking a tour of lessons, from an incredible guided reading session in Chestnut, to our Year 6’s confidently discussing transformational movement of tectonic plates leading to earthquakes! It is inspiring to see what goes on daily and how much progress our pupils make over time.

Our Clubs have been organised for the next half term and there is a good mix of sessions across the school. I am very grateful to parents Mrs Powell, Mr Prisk and Mrs Lewis for volunteering their time to run clubs. It adds another dimension to our offer when parents and carers have expertise that they can give to Thurlbear pupils. Miss Davenport has also negotiated a slot, after Easter, for a gymnastics coach to offer sessions to Years 1 to 4; please do look out for a flyer!

As we welcome parent/carer volunteers to our clubs, it is worth sharing the safeguarding protocols are followed diligently, including references, following up with verbal discussions and adding them to our single, central record for our own records. We thank them for their commitment to coming into school and understanding the necessity for such measures!

PLEASE be mindful of your speed in our car park. A few parents have commented to me that some cars – at Breakfast Club, drop-off and pick-up – can exceed a safe speed limit in such as confined space.

We hope you have a great break and spend some blessed family time together as we move towards the period of Lent.

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