Half Term Round-Up

Instead of a newsletter, we will have a round-up!

It has been a brilliant week; I know you have to take my word for it, but it has. Hopefully, our pupils think the same! The amount of high-quality work I have seen in children’s books, this week alone, is testament to the from children and staff. Teachers have been focusing on the consistency of writing across our curriculum – so, the standards in literacy books matches what we see in RE, Geography, Science and History writing – and we are really seeing that impact on pupils. Year 6 writing on Charles Darwin, Year 2 writing on the Great Fire and Anglo Saxon writing in Year 4 are just some examples of what I have seen. Sharing this work in Parents’ Consultation week in March will be great.

MENTAL HEALTH AWRENESS WEEK was was a focus for this week and we included all in this through the suggestion: LET’S CONNECT! Every class looked at how we communicate and connect with others and the world around. This wasn’t just a spiritual focus – connecting with God – but an all-round approach so pupils and adults in school felt able to look around and see who was there for them. Staff even had a breakfast together before school started! It was a very positive start to the day for us.

SAFER INTERNET DAY was also this week and every class worked on ways to stay safe and be positive online. I hosted an assembly for the whole school and every class shared their learning from the day. All year, we have talked about the ‘the knowledge’ that is sticking with them. What do they now know that they didn’t know before? So many pupils were telling me about positive ways to communicate online and safely.

Friday has seen us in our every-day clothes, in order to raise some much needed funds for the Turkey and Syria earthquake Appeal. It has been so well supported and I am delighted – absolutely proud – to say that it has been totalled at a whopping £460 ! Thank you so much for this show of support – what a brilliant Thurlbear family effort.

I hope you all have a great break and spend some precious time together!

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