Ofsted Report and Reaction

Our Ofsted Report has been gone through its final checks and I can now share with families the overall findings. His Majesty’s Inspector carried out an ungraded inspection, meaning their primary question was: “Is this school still a good school?”.

We become, I believe, only the third school in the whole of Somerset to move from a ‘good‘ judgement to a ‘good but might be outstanding if subject to a full graded inspection‘. This significant shift forward is testament to our journey since I have been Head. It is a wonderful reflection of pupils, all staff, governors, parents and carers. It is a stamp of approval for our vision, that to “Train Up a Child in the Way They Should Go” works effectively for Thurlbear pupils.

Throughout the very challenging process, I knew the school had the support and goodwill of the families connected to Thurlbear. That good energy flowed from you all and through our children, who simply shone in the spotlight; read the report and you can feel it in the language used. Many colleagues, including advisers at the Diocese of Bath and Wells, have struggled to find another report that sounds so rich in positive language!

Mr Hurn – our Chair of Governors – is rightly proud of our school:

Congratulations to the whole Thurlbear family – all staff, leadership, children, parents and Governors – for with our combined contributions we have received a very positive vindication through the recent Ofsted judgement for school’s achievements as a centre of learning, as a positive, supportive and engaged community and an educational establishment that continues to strive to be the very best we can be for our children.

I was overwhelmed to read the families’ reactions to school that came in via the questionnaire. You will read a quote from one adult that is now enshrined in history, as it will always feature in the report!

Normally, Ofsted reports feature ‘things schools need to do better’. Our report has no areas for improvement suggested by the inspector. Rest assured, we certainly do have things on which we will focus in the next academic year and beyond to make us even better! However, for now, enjoy reading the report.

Thurlbear CofE PS Final Report

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