Road Closure: Good News!

As most of you may know, a stretch of our road outside school will be closed from Monday 14th November for the school week. This is from our entrance (turning in) down to the row of terraced houses, meaning there is no access from Stoke St Mary-way. I do not need to explain to you the huge impact that this would have on our drop-off and pick-up times for families all trying to use one lane in and out!

After much positive communication with Wessex Water, I am delighted to say that they have agreed the following:

  • In the mornings, the road will be opened from 8am to 9:15am, allowing for traffic to do its usual flow down the hill and through the village.
  • In the afternoon, the road will be opened from 3pm to 3:45pm, allowing for traffic to do its usual flow down the hill through the village.

I would like to thank Wessex water for listening to my concerns and for being flexible with their works!

Please be aware that the road will be closed outside of these times, so collecting from after-school club and our clubs finishing at 4:30pm will still be affected, so please drive carefully and, where possible, use our car park so you can turn around safely without having to exact a 3-point-turn in the road.



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