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An urgent message from Mrs Moore, our School Business manager:

“Pay 360 have made the decision to withdraw its product as from the 31/07/2023 and subsequently we are in the process of moving to a new on-line booking and payment system called School Gateway.  The easiest  way to access the new system will be through the School Gateway app.  The app can be downloaded via your app store and is available on Android and iOS.  

Although the system is not fully operational yet you are still able to go ahead register and download the app in preparation for September and we would encourage you to do this.  Once you have downloaded the app you are then able to start the registration process.  You will need to enter the email address and mobile contact number that is already registered on our system, once this is done you will then be sent a PIN number via a text message which you enter and you should then see the welcome Thurlbear home screen.

Going forward we will continue to post updates as to when we anticipate the system will go live but unfortunately we were given very short notice of the withdrawal of Pay360 so please bear with us.”

So, if we can get the vast majority of families to download it in anticipation of the next steps, that will speed things up!

“School Gateway” can be found on both the App Store and Google Play and look like:

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