Summer Fair News (sad face)

The ‘Summer’ weather continues to cause havoc to our planning of events. Due to the impending weather forecast for Saturday – predicted rain overnight, as well before and during our fair timings – we have taken the decision to push our Summer Fair to Saturday 9th July. As always, these decisions are taken with safety and wellbeing in mind, as well as the fact that we want families coming along and embracing a great 3 hrs of socialising, not cowering under an umbrella or hastily making purchases in between showers – or not coming at all! We hope you can understand the decision taken and it is not done lightly!

BUT ALL IS NOT LOST, TODAY! We have some lovely cakes on sale, today after school, as well as potentially branded ice creams! So please do bring a bit of cash at pick-up! Let’s not let the weather get in the way of a good hit of calories!

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