update 29.1.21

Good afternoon, everyone.
I hope you have all had the best week possible for you and your family. A massive thanks for your commitment to your home education and the effort you are all putting in to spin your personal plates. The work being produced is magnificent right across the school and all staff are so impressed with the quality in every year group. Thanks, too, to the staff in the school who are maintaining our standards under the pressures of this pandemic. Everyone is pulling together and it is awesome to witness from my point of view. I led some ‘live’ time in lessons, this week, and it was a fantastic experience. From telling stories to listing percentages, I could see every single pupil engaging.

Just a few notices to update you all on:

Extrapolating the govt guidelines on food hampers over half term is very difficult. I have been told, in our latest email, “Schools do not need to provide lunch parcels or vouchers during the February half-term. There is wider government support in place to support families and children outside of term-time through the Covid Winter Grant Scheme.” I disagree and I want to assure ANY family that, if you need a hamper, then I will provide it. We have emailed all our families that we will purchase hampers for those families who require / want one.

Pick-up on the playground-side: could drivers please make one queue at the gate? It keeps it simple for teachers to see who is who and also lessens the risk of any accidents should someone try to get to the smaller gate at the same time!
Thank, everyone. Please contact me if anyone needs anything.

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