week ahead 11th Dec

As we move into the final week of a busy term, I am compiling a quick newsletter that should serve as a week-ahead for our main events.
I also want to touch on last week and the events that led to us asking you all to pick up early on those 2 days.
Monday was quite clear-cut in the decision-making, as I think we could all see the huge effect the rain was having in our surrounding area immediate to school.
Wednesday was more touch-and-go in what we did. I was aware of other schools that had made the decision on the Tuesday to close for the Wednesday in light of the forecast and local conditions. I didn’t feel that was necessary for us and, indeed, we got a full morning of education in as well as a very successful Christmas Lunch service completed. During the morning, though, the rain was persistent and, although not as severe as Monday, our local lanes and roads were only a downpour away from dangerous levels, so I still feel the decision to invoke and early pickup was the correct decision. Staff who live considerable distances from school were able to get home safely and so were our children. I fully appreciate the impact on your working and personal lives when I make such decisions, so can only thank you all for reacting with patience and understanding in tough circumstances for us all.

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