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Thanks to the parent ringing in to ask about Friday Worships, which are predominantly class-led. If you are not aware, we use a Friday Worship as a time to allow each class the opportunity to show their learning or understanding based our Christian values.

Pre-pandemic, this was a time to invite the parent/carer group in to watch, too, and share in the ethos and warmth of the worship. Since then, there have been obvious challenges with resurrecting this, not least our end-of-day pick-up system which has improved our quality of home-time experience more than thought possible! Year 6 and Year 2 are the hardest logistical nuts to crack, as these classes have our car-systems.

I know how hugely popular they are with families. Therefore, from NEXT WEEK 29th September, we will invite our Year 5 families in for our Friday Worship.

What they are: they are worships, a time to celebrate the values of the school and share some learning around these thoughts. They simply reflect the weekly flow of learning at our school.

What they are not: they aren’t grand performances, with complex scripts and large parts for actors. It isn’t a chance to bring extended family, so please make sure you simply turn up with the usual person that picks up. If we have too many adults, we will have to abandon the plan as we will not be allowed in our hall over-capacity.

Year 6 families: apologies you are not in for today’s Worship, but you will have more chances to come and see your children in bigger performances in the school year – and we will see you in for our harvest Services in just a few weeks!


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