Year 2 Bad News

Bad news:
I have been in consultation with Mrs Baldwin and Mrs Moore and, after watching the weather forecasts diligently all week, it now transpires that there is a YELLOW weather warning for tomorrow. This, combined with extra safeguarding advice from the Met Office for coastal areas, has led us to sadly CANCEL tomorrow’s Lyme Regis trip.
The itinerary was largely to explore the human and physical features of the beach and was reliant on at least fair weather in July. I am sure you can understand our caution as no one wants our Cherry Class in wind and rain for 3 hours, as it will be a miserable experience and potentially dangerous with sand and debris etc in high winds.

As a consolation, Mrs Baldwin will be designing an art morning for the class based the Seaside!

You will be given a full refund of the coach fare, but please give us some time to process this. Lunches / sandwiches are already booked, so there is no hot dinner available. There will be a picnic in the classroom instead of on the beach!
Thanks for your understanding.
Mr Gillan and Mrs Baldwin



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