A Chance to Attend a Christingle Service…

A Message from Christabel, our school governor and Associate Minister,

Seven Sowers Benefice, Diocese of Bath and Wells:

“This year, we can’t pack St Andrews West Hatch as we normally do, but so that you don’t miss out, we are planning TWO Christingles

December 13th at 4.00pm – Christingle 1 (just as it’s getting dark and the candles shine!)

December 20th at 10.00am – Christingle 2

There are 40 seats available at each service, but you MUST book! Here are the links


We are not able to make the Christingles for you this year, but when you book your family’s place, give us your address and we will deliver a Christingle-making kit to your home. All you will have to provide are the oranges, one for each family member, and then bring the completed Christingles to church with you.”

Make this the beginning of a different, but very special Christmas!

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