And the Bake-Off Winners Are…

A HUGE well done to all those that entered the Thurlbear Bake-Off competition. There were some fantastic entries and it was almost impossible to split some of the creations! it was clear to us that so much effort and joy and love had gone into each and every creation. In the end, we chose the winners by how they made us feel and our instant reactions, as we felt that this was the fairest way to agree between us…..

Lizzy won the girls’ section. It just made us smile as wide as the gingerbread man, himself. It was simple, fun and I, in particular, loved how it wasn’t perfect. Just look at that fat left leg! But isn’t that us, too? Our two sides are not identical and it really struck a chord with us.

Zac used his diggers brilliantly in the boys’ section. Those pieces in the back of the truck were genius and we loved that it looked like it was about to topple at ANY second! We also loved the snowy tough and it really built a picture in our mind, like a wholes-scene from a book….brilliant.

Not much more to be said about Mrs Fletcher’s cake! A worthy winner in ANY competition across the country, we thought!

Thanks to everyone who entered and it was great to all pupils get a little prize as a thank you!

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