Clarification on drop-off

As an additional point to the last blog post, I have spoken to Mrs Ayres (not a only a brilliant TA but also a valuable parent-link) just to firm up the message regarding drop-off: In the morning, YOU can decide whether to use the drop-off in the car park, or park up and walk your child to the gate if they are younger and need that initial support. We are giving you the option as families. Honestly, using the drop-off service in the car park is going to help the WHOLE system more, simply due to less cars parking up, but I completely understand younger pupils may need that first-few-days hug and hair ruffle to set them up for the walk through the gates. We will still be asking families to drop at the gates, though, rather than waiting on the playground. I honestly believe that our pupils have benefitted from this over the last number of months. Remember, the gates open 8:40 and register is 9am, so the window of time is longer; no need for everyone to arrive at 8:40, leading to congestion.

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