Collection for Ukranian families

Mrs Isaacs – a Thurlbear parent – is organising the following support for Ukraine families. I have spoken with our pupils and they, too, would really like to do something to help. This could be the mechanism to do so:
“As a parent of Thurlbear school I have decided to do a collection for the refugees of Ukraine to help. St George’s school are arranging for this to happen and I have said I’m more than happy to help collect from our school if we can anyone wanting to know more information you can contact at George’s school directly. I know it’s short notice but every little helps I will be collecting from Thurlbear by this Wednesday after school for it to be sent on Thursday . Please bring in what you can by Wednesday 2nd March

We are collecting :

Clothes for children and adults


First aid kits

Formula milk

Nappies and wet wipes

New underwear and socks for women and children

Sanitary towels Dry food, snacks, sweets

Wet wipes & nappies

Toothpaste & toothbrushes


Formula milk

Dry foods
Thank You 🙏 to help Ukraine people/ refugees !

All will be send to Poland directly for help ! If you wish to help with anything even little small thing will be helpful. Everything will be sent on Thursday directly to Poland to Grudziądz ( my hometown) where there is a lot refugees from the Ukraine mostly women with children.”

So, if you would like to support this, please bring in any items ASAP and we will store them in school until the pickup on Wednesday.

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