Day 1 Updates!

  • Drop-off looked fine, this morning! Sadly, Day 1 pick-up coincided with a large truck delivering building goods to a neighbour at 3:10pm! So, if you were caught in a tail-back, that was the cause (it honestly isn’t that bad every day!).
  • Just a reminder that we try and ask families to use an unofficial one-way route to and from school: arrive from Thurlbear-straight direction (the main road) and then leave via Stoke St Mary village (carefully, please!). Although this can feel a little circuitous, it really helps the flow of traffic at key times. Obviously, some families live in the direction of Staple Fitzpaine (our taxi service, for example) and will not be asked to adhere to this guidance, as it is the opposite direction!
  • Lunches tomorrow (Tuesday): We have JUST been notified (3:30pm) by our catering company, that there is a problem with their ovens and, therefore, hot lunches are affected. For anyone that has ordered a hot lunch, a packed lunch will be provided in its place. This also includes Foundation Stage (Chestnut Class). I imagine there will be a selection of fillings – normally cheese, ham or tuna. It will also include a yoghurt, biscuit and a piece of fruit. We apologise for the late notice, but it is out of our control.
  • Any points / questions, please ring us 01823 442277
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