School begins!

Good morning, everyone! We have had 2 great days of In-Service training and staff have covered lots of topics and discussion.

Monday is the start of school! In terms of drop-off and pick-ups, some families are asking if we have any changes and the answer is: it is the same as last year! What does this mean?

8:40 gates are open and the car park drop-off service commences. 8:50, I ring the bell and we line up and enter school. The 9am bell signifies the official and prompt start of the school day! End of day is 3:15 for Foundation, Year 1 and 2. For Foundation and Year 1, this is a pick-up in the playground and for Year 2 families, it is the car park collection point. Any Key Stage 1 child that has an older sibling in Key Stage 2 stays until 3:30, when Years 3, 4 and 5 leave from the playground. Year 6 leave from the car park at 3:25, which should allow for those cars to be off the road before the exodus of other families. I hope that is clear! Please do contact us if you need further clarification.


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