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Due to the persistent rain over the past 24hrs, our local routes are, once again, flooded. The rain continues to fall and is forecast to continue. I have personally driven to Stoke St Mary and would not advise ANYONE to travel through the village as the standing water is long and deep. Nags-Head route is also very deep and Mr Gunstone, Miss Bagwell and other families have already contacted me to tell me about this being impassable. Orchard Portman route remains the best option. This means we have only one accessible way in and out to school, posing an increased risk to families using our country lane.

Because of this, I am putting in place a graduated pick-up over the afternoon period as follows:

Chestnut and Rowan (Foundation Stage and Y1) with siblings can be collected from our car park from 1:30pm.

Cherry and Hazel (Years 2 and 3) 2pm from the car park.

Willow, Pine and Oak Classes Years 4, 5 and 6 from the car park from 2:30pm from the car park.

This should allow all families to safely navigate lanes to school and not risk soft verges and potential water hazards. PLEASE do not arrive early, as it will only cause congestion on the pick-up point as every car is using the same lane for travelling.

I will remain on-site with staff if families cannot get to us for any reason.

Again, ring us on 01823 442277 if you have issues. Once again, I thank you all for your understanding in a year of unprecedented, natural challenges.

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