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Here is the flu vaccination information again. ANY problems, the number is at the bottom:

Dear Parent/Guardian
(From Reception up to and including Year 11)
It has been confirmed that the nasal flu vaccination program for 2023 has been
extended for all school aged children from Reception up to and including Year 11.
The vaccine is given as a simple spray up the nose. It is painless, quick, and serious side
effects are uncommon. It is designed to protect your child against flu which can be an
unpleasant illness and, although rarely may cause serious complications. The flu vaccine
provides protection against the strains that are predicted to circulate in the coming
season. These strains may change from year to year which is why we recommend
receiving the vaccination every year.
This vaccination is part of the NHS routine immunisation programme for which your child
is now due.
Further information can be found at the NHS website www.nhs.uk/child-flu. This
information includes details about children for whom the nasal spray is not appropriate.
Please complete the decision form (one for each child, please) using the following link
https://www.somersetsaint.co.uk/Forms/Flu enter your schools (Thurlbear Church of
England Primary School) unique code SM123849, this link will close at midday on
the working day before the team is due to visit so please complete this as soon as
possible as the team will be unable to take any consents after this point. If you are
unable to access the online consent form for any reason, please contact Somerset SAINT
for assistance.
Please complete the decision form even if you do not consent to the vaccination.
If your child is not in mainstream education or is home educated, then please contact
Somerset SAINT on the above number to obtain details of our community clinics.
The decision form can only be completed by someone with parental responsibility, if you
have any queries about whether you hold parental responsibility and are therefore able
to complete the consent form, please contact the immunisation team on this number:

Tel: 0300 3230032

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