150th Celebration, tomorrow

As a final reminder of tomorrow’s 150th Anniversary, tomorrow! I have checked the following with some staff members for clarity!

• We are opening our gates at 2:45 for families to come in and visit the classes on the field.
• You are very welcome to take your child/children once the teachers know you are there.
• Older siblings will go over to younger siblings, should you have more than one child!
• There will be NO PICK UP points, tomorrow, for Years 2 and 6. If you cannot make the family 2:45 time, then we will take all children around to the playground for 3:30pm, so they will still be here and safe.
• Choir is still running!
• We have said that pupils are welcome to bring an extra little snack to celebrate – please bear in mind we have NO extra space to store food in any classroom, so don’t make a trifle! Small snack…
• Although we are wearing decade-relevant clothing, the focus is on learning and fun. Just turn up in your own clothes if you don’t have other outfits.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

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