Lockdown Roadmap

Thank you for allowing us the time, today, to organise our approach to the next 6 weeks of this new term. We have used our time organise the route ahead. Please do NOT be overwhelmed or stressed by the thought of the weeks ahead or this information; it is meant to help!

For those learning from home:

You will need 3 things regularly over the next 6 weeks: Class Dojo for parental engagement (Tapestry for Chestnut), Google Classroom for our live lessons, and access to your class page on our school website for documents, resources and recorded sessions. All of these have been available since March, apart from Google classroom for Chestnut, which is being set up this very minute by our staff. There will be a how-to guide on accessing it ASAP.

Teachers have created timetables for families, so that you can follow an order for your day and week ahead. Those in school will be following the same timetable, so your children are not missing out on any extra learning. Every morning, there will be a welcome video on CLASS DOJO (or Tapestry) outlining the day ahead. Teachers have also liaised so that no live session should be concurrent with another class where there is a sibling, meaning there should less strain on any technology in the home! The individual class timetable will be found in Class Dojo as well as on our website.

As a school, we will ensure that every pupil has the opportunity to partake in regular, daily online sessions – both live and recorded – as well as some regular inputs of PE and Class Celebration times. The value of offering a blend of live and recorded sessions is that families can play back the recorded sessions at any time during the day, pausing if necessary etc! As per feedback from families, this will be available much quicker than before and we hope to be up and running by tomorrow, Wednesday 6th January. Therefore, please ensure you have your Class Dojo account accessible, as teachers will be posting how to access Google Classroom. Chestnut families may be delayed by one day, as we are having to set yours up from scratch!

A number of families have mentioned the need for a laptop. We will endeavour to make some available as soon as is practically possible. If anyone needs printing to be done, please contact us ASAP to arrange what and how to pick up.

Anyone in receipt of Free School Meals will be contacted by us ASAP to give details of collection.

Teachers and TAs will be in school teaching every day, so it will be difficult for them to contact individuals on a one-to-one basis. I also will be delivering live sessions to every class at home regularly. If you feel, at any time, your child needs a chat with someone from school, please pick up the phone and we can arrange for myself (Mr Gillan) or someone to ring you back and say hello. We do not want any pupil feeling isolated. We hope that the speedy introduction of teacher sessions will negate this. As we learn more, we will adapt swiftly in with clear communication to you.

For those attending school:

By now, I hope we have been in contact regarding a space for your child, or vice versa. If you feel you should have a space but have not contacted us or heard from us, then please ring us ASAP.

From tomorrow, Wednesday, pupils in Reception, Y1, Y2 and Y3 should be dropped at the playground large gate between 8:50 and 9am. Pupils in Y4, 5 and 6 should be dropped in the car park between 8:50 – 9am.

Pick-up will be between 3:15 – 3:30pm in the same places. If you have siblings, drop off and pick up at the place designated for the older sibling.

Breakfast Club and After School Club are available as usual (BC from 8am and ASC until 5pm) and these can be booked in the usual way. Please contact the Office Team if you are stuck or in need of a login.

Every child will be offered either a hot or cold meal at lunch completely free of charge every day.

It’s school, so uniform is required! There will be regular PE sessions, so come with warm PE gear and bring coats for winter breaktimes!

This is how we intend to start, but we may be tweaking things as we go and issues crop up. If so, we will absolutely give you ample communication on this.

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