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Workflow for us and you. We are absolutely committed to improving the experience, this time:

– I am on emails as from now and have already had some families contact regarding spaces tomorrow. Please do email any time. Ring tomorrow from 7:45am.

– Tomorrow, teachers will be in planning their online resources first-thing and we will publish a list of when/how. If you remember, we had this after some weeks last time. we are determined to get this to you within days, this time.

– I, alongside Mrs Carter and Mrs Moore, will be looking at our former list of key workers and probably contacting you if we have not heard from you.

– By lunch, we hope to have definitive lists of key workers, so will publish drop off and pick up times and places for families.

– Teachers will post in to Class Dojo full details of online sessions, as we did last time, in the form of a timetable for you to follow. I will also host some sessions as I did last time. There is an initial idea that some live sessions will be in-class, so the social experience with those IN school isn’t lost. We will think carefully about this.
I will try and find the latest Key Worker list and publish it for you all.

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