Good afternoon: just a few notices to share with families:

  • It was great to see so many families back in school for our consultations and we look forward to seeing the remaining families of Thursday. It has been a long time since doing them, so we were a little rusty, but quickly got back into the swing. We will improve our timings and remember you can look at books after you have spent your allotted 10mins with the teacher, should you not have time before.
  • Tomorrow is a very busy day in school. We have our photographer in and they will be taking individual photos of our pupils. This is for pupils in school only and not sibling shots.
  • Parking / driving / drop-offs: As the vast majority of you will know, I am present almost every morning to open gates, welcome you all and see everyone safely onto the premises before school begins. Mrs Bowerman joins me, along with Mrs Parkman and Mrs Bendall, with Mrs Burke – SENDCo – also there on her designated days in school. As I gaze out onto the road with a watchful eye, I have noticed a few things. 1. We have a lot of families parking up and bringing in their children and waiting with them (Chestnut and Rowan Class). this leads to 2. A lack of parking space for cars pulling in, meaning more cars are manoeuvring onto our zig zags which leads to 3. Potentially hazardous conditions for your children coming into school…..
  • So:
  • 1. If you are a Chestnut parent, please now consider either using our drop-off system in the car park OR drop at the gate and go. I can completely understand your presence with our youngest pupils, but we are now 5 weeks into school life, they know my face and my name, we have familiar, friendly older pupils helping with lines and, therefore, they could try and be a little independent in lining up. This is NOT and order, merely a request that would alleviate some traffic in the mornings. I know this can be an emotional challenge for some, but you’ll be amazed at how quickly it becomes the norm.
  • 2. Older pupils should definitely be trying to use our drop-off facility more. It is quick, efficient and means you don’t need to scramble around looking for a space at 8:43! Please try it tomorrow if you have not already. PLEASE all TRY and leave via the village, unless you live Staple Fitzpaine etc. It helps enormously.
  • 3. I have requested some life-size models from our PCSO that I can put on our zig zags, to give you a visual reminder of the scenario we are trying to avoid. Do not park or stop on our zig zags.
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