I hope you all enjoy being back in school, today and Thursday, for our pupil consultations! For anyone that has not yet experienced one (a lot of families!):

  • We try and keep to our 10mins slots as best as we can. Your teachers have times up to 7pm tonight, so we all endeavour to stick to our timings, as it can adversely affect other classes.
  • Some families have more than one child in school, so times should reflect this for adults’ convenience.
  • I ring the bell every 10mins for 3 and half hours! This gives you and the teacher a (respectful) signal that your time has come to an end. If you need to continue a conversation, the teachers can arrange another time to speak with you and will be happy to do so should there be a need.
  • Your child’s books are available for you to look at. Please don’t look at other pupil’s books! These will cover core subjects as well as foundation subjects. I hope you find this useful and it shows the breadth of our curriculum at Thurlbear (it is not just all maths and writing).
  • I am available in my room if you need any further clarification – or just want to say hello!
  • Gates will be open to allow you around school smoothly. Please be mindful of this if you bring your own child with you.
  • After school club is also on until after 5pm, as well as sports clubs until 4:30. Please, if you bring a child with you, do not let them play freely or independently  around school or on the equipment, as staff will not be on hand to oversee them.  

Enjoy your visit!     



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