Safeguarding Drop-offs and Pick-ups

Safeguarding appeal:

Drop-offs: Please join our queues to drop off your child in the mornings. We completely appreciate that you have busy lives, but it can be dangerous pupils walking across the exit for cars. The system is working well and quite swift; please do support it by joining the queue.

Pick-ups: Please try to stick to the allotted times. Arriving 10/15 minutes and parking-up early causes issues with movement around the school roads. e.g. a grandparent doing a Y6 emergency pick-up, yesterday, joined the back of a Year 4 queue, as he was unaware that they had parked up in the car park. A pupil walked to check if it was his grandparent, but the path was not accessible due to year 4 cars.

We have had a hugely successful system so far and so please try and stick to our system. Again, we do appreciate that the Taunton roads, currently, are tricky and getting to us might be challenging, but timings need to be maintained for the safety of everyone.

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