Thurlbear 30 Acts of…

Every half term, I will be taking a look at the highlights from our pupils, celebrating the way in which they have lived out our Christian values of Thankfulness, Hope, Friendship, Wisdom and Trust. Since returning on the 8th, we have focussed on Friendship and used the Ecclesiastes words to help us: “Two people are better off than one. If one of them falls down, the other can help.”We will be resurrecting our ‘THURLBEAR 30’ and, with this in mind, we selected 30 pupils who have been great friends to others:

Chestnut: Joseph, Grace, Thea, Alex and Charlie

Rowan: Sienna, Riley, Ewan and Charlie

Cherry: Anna, Harrison, Sofia, Zac and Archie

Hazel: Iassac, Maisie, Jodi, Thomas R and Barnaby

Willow: Luke, Daisy, George and Scarlett

Pine: Connie, Evie, Acer and Toby

Oak: Tyler, Phoebe O, Betsy and Sam

Well done to you all and display your certificate proudly!

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