Thursday home-time

Tomorrow’s going-home plan in a nutshell!

  • Key Stage 2 will hold their Harvest Celebration on the playground for all those families that can make it.
  • We envisage 30mins and then you are welcome to take your child home with you; younger siblings can obviously go home, too!
  • Can’t make it? No problem – your child will stay with us (obviously) and go home at the normal time!
  • Raining? Wild winds? We will cancel it and send out a message ASAP!
  • “Why not in the hall?” As explained before, this would exceed our suggested limit of people in our hall (Key stage 1 have 1 less class, so makes it more possible)

KEY STAGE 1 families! PLEASE don’t turn up early to snaffle a car space! If you come after 3:05 (ish) all the KS2 cars will have gone and life will be easier all-round. Thank you!

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