Weather procedures

I would like to share an action plan that will be undertaken by the school, tomorrow. This is due to weather forecasts that predict some snow for our region. As always, there is only a level of probability to this event, but we need to share with you what will happen should we be affected substantially:

I will be in contact with Mrs Cann around 6:30am, who will check the local roads for us. She will not be asked to put herself in any danger!

She will notify me of the road conditions as close to school as she can come, which should assess any major routes (Thurlbear Straight).

I will notify families before or at 7am as to whether we are open or closed. This will be via our website news blog, Class Dojo and tapestry. It will NOT be on Facebook, as I do not have access to the school’s Facebook on my home/personal technology.

As always, we balance the importance of pupils being at school with the safety of all families. Our Thurlbear micro-climate can make it very tricky on our ‘bends’, but we endeavour to stay open as much as is possible and safe.

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