COVID Update 8.7.21

Good morning, everyone. I wanted to update you all on the school’s current standing:

Chestnut Class are home learning with Miss Kelloway doing a brilliant job; underwater scenes were a highlight of yesterday’s live session.

As well as this, our Y3 and Y4 teachers have been notified by Track and Trace that they need to self-isolate. They are not, currently, symptomatic. I am doing everything in my power to keep these bubbles open, so the teachers will be delivering ‘live’ lessons (safely) from home into the classroom, where our brilliant TAs will be alongside me ensuring everyone is on-task, being assessed on their understanding and generally dealing with the ins-and-outs of the classroom daily routine. This is the best option for keeping our pupils learning. I hope this makes sense!

Thanks to the Thurlbear staff for rallying round and adapting at such a busy time. Thanks, also to the families for their cooperation and understanding.

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