Easter Post

Thanks to everyone who turned up for our Easter Bonnet parade….it was a lovely moment, in the open-air, to celebrate one of our traditions, again.

Huge thanks to the PTA for all their efforts in getting these brilliant prizes collated, together and wrapped in time for Easter! A brilliant total of 30+ prizes are coming home, today, with the delighted winners! Miss Kelloway picked out Sophie’s number, which was great, because it was Sophie that packed all these prizes into the car, this morning!

It is a happy / sad in school, today, for us…as we say goodbye to this wonderful professional. Mrs Baker is retiring and looking forward to family time and lots of cold-water swimming, hence the hooded gift from us! On a personal note, I would like to pay tribute to her warmth, commitment and dedication to the TA role for so many years. It has been my privilege to work with her both here and at a school before Thurlbear. When I got the chance to bring her over here, I jumped at it, as I knew she would fit right in. She is a brilliant soul, an excellent colleague and someone I have looked up to since meeting her (X) years ago. I know you will join me in wishing her the very best of fortunes as I say: “Mrs Baker – may God go with you on your next adventure.”



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