Moving Up Day

Tuesday 2nd July is our Moving Up sessions, when pupils meet their teachers for September.

So, who is where? This year, our curriculum has been developed by the teachers and everyone feels like they are in a positive position to, once again, deliver a syllabus that they know well and can progress even further for the year groups from September. Therefore, teachers will be staying in their respective year groups:

Chestnut Class welcomes Mrs Strong as their class teacher.

Rowan Class (Y1) will be led by Mrs Lucas

Cherry Class (Y2) will be led by Mrs Baldwin

Hazel Class (Y3) will be led by Miss Crook

Willow Class (Y4) will be led by Mrs Foster-Burnell

Pine Class (Y5) will be led by Mrs Collings

Oak Class (Y6) will be led by Miss Warrington

Miss Davenport will also be teaching in Years 1, 2 and 5.

I will be popping into classes and seeing what activities our pupils are doing! Teachers are always available to speak with families if needed.

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