The Den Again!

One of the things which I think makes us successful is our close bonds between home and school. We try and communicate clearly, quickly and monitor how we can improve it on a daily basis. I know every school likes to accentuate the good things they do! However, I hope you see me as a Head who is honest and open. I will readily hold up my hands and say I have got something wrong…. and this is one of those!

We tried moving After School Club (ASC) back into the renovated ‘Den’ but I don’t feel it actually worked! The hall has been our space for quite some time, now, during the pandemic and it has suited the position, style and safety of both Breakfast and After School Club.

Therefore, please continue to collect your child in the same way: from the doors in the hall.

Obviously, this will affect our after-school sports offer and THIS is the school’s dilemma. Utilising the hall so effectively for 35-40 pupils every day in ASC means more families have a good work/life balance but impacts our capacity for a sports club which may need to use the hall should the weather prove too bad to stay outdoors. But NOT using the hall greatly impacts the numbers that we can safely accommodate in ASC. So, moving into the second half term, we are trying to offer clubs that use both our field and playground for classes across school ages. IF the weather is simply too bad to stay outside, then we will stay out for as long as possible, but use a classroom if necessary and base any of their in-time on sporting learning: clips of rugby matches / sports quizzes / tactics etc. I feel that would still be acceptable value for money.

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