Christmas Fair

Final details for tomorrow!

Due to our PTA Christmas Fair, we are making adaptations to our normal day which are necessary to make it as successful and safe as possible.
– Our Dress Down Friday is to support the Fair, so please bring in either a BOTTLE or CHOCOLATES, if you can, as a contribution. I will attempt to collect those at the gate should you be concerned that your child might drop something! Thanks to all those that have already donated wonderful things for our growing raffle!
Important information for pick-up:
– Tomorrow, there will be NO pick-up system in place for Years 6 and 2 from the car park. Pupils will go from the PLAYGROUND at the NORMAL times. Please ensure you are there to pick-up your child. Due to the very busy nature of the afternoon, we cannot let your child come and find you in the fair; it simply is not as safe as we want things to be.
– Staff will have moved cars into the playground to makes space for families in the car park to try and alleviate some congestion on the roads. PLEASE CONSIDER where you park on the road. At the recent disco, some cars were left in positions that caused difficulties. Please be mindful of the community!
– CHOIR will now be 4pm in the hall (3 lovely songs) and the raffle around 4:30 (but we will be flexible with timings, so listen out for any communication on the day!)
– Raffle tickets will be available on the day and we are still collecting in the office!
We are also still collecting cakes – of course we are!
Thanks for your continued support. This is our first major Christmas event in a number of years, so things will be a little ‘organic’ but, with communication and a sprinkling of Christmas positivity, it should be a lovely afternoon.

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