COVID Update

This guidance is LOCAL and been put together by Somerset Public Health as case rate amongst young people across the country are the highest they have ever been and there have been problems with the processing of some PCR test results.

It formalises the measures that many schools (ourselves included) have already been using, FROM TODAY, on the recommendation of our local Public Health advisors.

The new guidance states that children and staff should self-isolate and not come to school if:

1. They have tested PCR positive (positive case) – 10 days isolation

2. They are LFD positive and have symptoms (presumptive positive even if PCR is negative) – 10 days isolation A PCR test should always be booked in order to confirm the LFD result. However, if there is a positive LFD test and the person has symptoms, or they have repeated positive LFD tests, then the individual is presumed positive, even if this is contradicted by the PCR result.

3. They are a household contact (parent, sibling etc.) of someone who has tested PCR positive or presumptive positive until they have a negative PCR test result.

From what I have heard from a number of our parents, this morning, number 3 is the advice that is fitting, but I am aware that this is different to national guidance. As stated above, this is advice from SOMERSET Public Health. The recommendation is that daily LFD testing take place and that parents are vigilant in looking for any symptoms. If the individual begins to show symptoms or tests positive on an LFD then they should self-isolate and take another PCR test.

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